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Why Discount Card Fundraisers Are the Best Youth Group Fundraisers

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A typical church youth group has obvious fundraising needs. Almost invariably youth group trips are not fully financed by the tithes and offerings of their church and therefore need to find alternative means of raising money. This is especially true for groups that do yearly events such as camps and missions trips. In many cases the kids want to attend such events but are financially incapable. This is where fundraising for your youth group becomes of the utmost importance. If you are unable to raise the money you need than it will leave willing kids who are thirsting for experience on the sidelines.It is vitally important that a youth group of <a href="http://flute2china.soup.io/post/644766588/Hiring-an-Au-Pair-Is-Not-a">Hiring an Au Pair Is Not a Simple Task</a> limited resources engages in careful research when selecting a fundraiser. No group wants to turn a fundraiser into a debt raiser and many fundraising ideas can do just that. Youth groups need a fundraising idea that is fast, easy, and beneficial to the donor. Fast because youth ministers already have packed schedules and generally want to spend as little time fundraising as possible. Easy because likely kids will be involved in the fundraising process, and beneficial to the donor because even the most charitable of individuals does not want to purchase a product or service that is lacking in value.<br /><br />The fundraising idea that best meets the above qualifications are discount card fundraisers. First, it allows youth groups to raise money quickly due to high profitability and ease of distribution. Discount card fundraisers can yield profits as high as 70% per card and cards are extremely easy to sell because they almost always pay for themselves in just  <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4608/26324401738_1f636d350d.jpg" align="left" width="207" style="padding:10px;"/> a couple uses. Discount card fundraisers are also easy to explain and easy to handle. Most certainly easy enough for kids of youth group age. There are usually very few forms to fill out and the product itself is light enough to physically transport which allows the donor to have the product in their hands as soon as they make a purchase. Lastly, discount cards provide obvious value to the donor. The cards pay for themselves and then some which leaves donors satisfied after they make a purchase. A donor cannot complain about purchasing a typical discount card as being "waste of money" because they almost always save money which is more than can be said for other popular fundraising products.<br /><br />One can examine any number of other fundraising ideas (including gift wrap, car washes, candy, etc.) and they will find that none of them quite meet the specifications needed for a maximally effective youth group fundraiser like discount card fundraisers do. Any youth minister should carefully consider discount cards for their next fundraiser.
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